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To assist others in becoming self reliant and reaching their true potential.

George Lavenia Photo George Lavenia, CNC, is the founder of The Earth Foundation, an author, certified nutritional consultant, lifestyle coach and personal counselor, and an international radio and television guest. He is also a consultant for a wide range of clients from individuals and entrepreneurs to colleges and Fortune 500 companies. George is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, a former member with a seat on the New York Cotton Exchange and the New York Board of Trade, and the Association of American Educators.

George's quest for self-knowledge took him to India and Katmandu in Nepal, down the tributaries of the Amazon River, the Galapagos Islands, the jungles of Central America, and finally to Africa. Inquiring into various paths, George chose a path of self-inquiry, and upon  experiencing a powerful transformation that altered the course of his life, he ended his career as a vice president of one of the world's largest banks.  Drawing from his experience working with individuals and groups, George went on to write the book, What You Think Is What You Get.

Lavenia, a resident of New York City, has dedicated himself to fostering self reliance in others and enriching the quality of life on the planet.


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