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Institutional Endorsements

George Lavenia's program has been an important addition to our institution. The offerings through him have touched participants in a profound way. Participants have made their appreciation for the workshop and teacher clear as the majority of students asked for and attended an additional program because they could not get enough. We are convinced of the potential impact of programming like this, and therefore continue to work with him to explore new opportunities for transformational education.

David Levine
Director of Continuing Education & Public Programs
City University of New York, The Graduate Center
New York, New York


What makes [What You Think is What You Get] different is the simplicity of exposition and the power of the examples and the quotes, sayings and meditations. Savor it like a fine wine and spend hours following each train of thought it opens up. It will be time well spent.

Srikumar S. Rao
Professor, Long Island University and Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School
Author of Are You Ready to Succeed?


George Lavenia, author What You Think is What You Get, was chosen from many authors to appear on Wisdom Television's "Book Tours with Corrine Edwards." We specialize in authors in the personal growth area and have included such luminaries recently as Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.

We choose our authors based on their message, their enthusiasm and personality. George will not disappoint in any of this criteria. He is generous, sincere and believable. We enjoyed having him on the show and know that his persona will benefit our many viewers on Wisdom Television.

Corinne Edwards
WISDOM Television


Mr. George Lavenia recently presented an informative and useful health program at New York Chapter of Hadassah in Manhattan. This event was geared toward alternative medicine focusing on an Introduction to Meditation. To my delight, George brought much more to the lecture than mere meditation and breathing techniques. He offered his insight as well as the tools to transcend our limitations and tap the creative power within all of us. George's scope runs far and wide, from esoteric eastern philosophy to the sciences of mind and physics quantum theory. George's communication skills are excellent. He reached me with his emphasis on self-reliance and motivated the audience by giving them the tools to enrich the quality of their lives. Hopefully George will return to New York Chapter of Hadassah for future programs.

Roberta Yagerman
New York Chapter of Hadassah


Thank you so much for appearing at our store for a discussion and signing your book, What You Think is What You Get: Realizing Your Creative Power and True Potential. No question, you captivated the large crowd and gave them much food for thought. Our customers enjoyed your lecture, but what they really appreciated was your candor. It is rare that an author reveals so much of himself to enlighten the audience.
Thanks again for a terrific event

Elaine Stundell
Community Relations Manager
Barnes & Noble


A heartfelt "thank you" for the time we shared together during our interview for Inner Wisdom on Wisdom Radio. Your book, What You Think is What You Get, has inspired me and I have grown for your wisdom! I celebrate what you are affecting in the world and look forward to our continued relationship in Spirit! Blessings-

Carolyn Craft
Host of Inner Wisdom
Director of WISDOM Radio


It was a pleasure having you in the store the other day to discuss and sign copies of What You Think is What You Get. I'm always delighted to see such a healthy turnout for my events, and the warm response the audience gave you (as well as the impressive book sales!) suggest that my customers were as pleased as I was.
Best wishes for your upcoming book signings.

Robert Potterton
Community Relations Manager
Barnes & Noble


Thank you for hosting a wonderful event last evening. I awoke this morning with a "new attitude." I shared my notes of last night with the store management and my husband. It was a pleasure to meet with you and look forward to future events.
Community Relations Manager
Barnes & Noble

Seminar Participant Testimonials

Thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom. After seeing you and reading "What You Think is What You Get" I felt a strong desire to contact you and express how much of a positive feeling your book left me with. Your vivid (and humorous) verbal description of your life's experiences was very touching and conveyed in such a way that all individuals who are searching for answers to life and its mysteries can relate to. Thanks again for sharing your story.

George has great insight into the processes of the human mind. He's a "been there, done that" kind of guy, and can help you get results on what really works. My results speak for themslves. I've lost about 30 lbs and feel much better. I also no longer look at the little things that I hated doing as chores. In the past I always put off what needed to be done. I just do them now and they're ok. I can also say that I stopped having certain negative emotional response to things that totally drained me of my energy. I've been a couch potato for the first 40 years of my life. I believe the next 60 plus years should be different. Thanks again for all your help.
Kerry H.

Lots of information. Would like more sessions . Three evenings not enough! Thank you, George,  for the opportunity.

This was good...I didn't know what to expect. George said things clear and didn't pretend to know everything..

Very Positive--the material, George Lavenia and his energy! Very succinct!

Great! Exactly what I needed to kick my butt into gear! Really appreciated George Lavenia's honesty.

The workshop was very helpful. Got me started into focusing on what I want to achieve in life.

I enjoyed your session very much; better yet, I found it provocative and stimulating. I bought your book and will read it.
John F.

The class was challenging and thought-provoking! Mr. Lavenia compels us to examine our own lives.

Exciting event! George "walks the talk" - practices what he preaches. His strong points were the examples he gives, anecdotes and practical solutions.
Stephen S.

All of the 6 sessions were wonderful! Very thought-provoking, inspiring. I'm still making changes and growing in many ways. Well worth taking!

Book Testimonials

I just read "What You Think is What You Get" and found it to be so inspirational--words can't describe!
Erika L.

We have sold out of your books! They are very popular and well received here. I, myself and my best friend have a copy, and I must tell you how influential your book is and how much it has helped my friend and I. It is unbelievable to me how such complicated topics are revealed in such simple terms. Really fascinating. :)
New York Yoga

Since I read [George Lavenia's book] my everyday moment to moment life has become a myriad of realizations and wonderful awakenings... In the few short months since I read "What You Think is What You Get" my relationship with my wife has flourished, and not only with my wife, but also with all of my daily contacts...I will forever be grateful to George Lavenia, because of him I am experiencing an array of colors in my life--there's a light I never knew existed.

Monroe Correctional Complex

I suggest you check out this excellent book: What You Think is What You Get. We heard the author, George Lavenia, at Barnes & Noble and were very impressed with him. He is a testimonial to what he preaches.
Ed of Aberdeen.

I purchased George Lavenia's book, What You Think is What You Get, and immediately read it cover to cover. It has been an inspiration for helping me understand myself and the direction I am going in life. It has helped me focus and believe stronger in all aspects of my life.

I finished reading What You Think is What You Get. It was such a powerful read for me. ... The book was straightforward and I know I will be reading it again and again.


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